While managing external cyber risk is important, it is also important to look at your internal controls related to managing risk as well.
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You’re Invited: GBQuarterly Cyber Security

Cyber Security is a business issue, one that can impact large and small businesses alike. We invite you to join us on Wednesday, March 22nd for our first GBQuarterly event of the year on cyber security. Click here for details and registration.

Jerod Brennen Joins GBQ’s Growing IT Services Team

GBQ is pleased to announce that Jerod Brennen has joined the firm as a Security Architect in our Information Technology Services group. He is based out of GBQ’s Columbus office. Click here to find out more about Jerod.

Cyber Security - Inside and Out

Hacking is all the rage these days. While managing external cyber risk is important, it is also important to look at your internal controls related to managing risk. View a sample of some steps to keep in mind related to managing your internal risks.

Cooking the Books

White collar crime can quickly drain a company’s resources. Fraud awareness can lower your risk. Here's an overview of the costliest type of fraud, along with a critical prevention tip.

Evaluating Going Concern Issues

Is your company struggling to make ends meet? If there’s substantial doubt about your company’s long-term viability,
here’s how it may impact your financial reporting.

Don't Make Hunches Crunch the Numbers

One bad investment can crush a business. Consider factoring discounted cash flow metrics into your investment decisions. They can help estimate the financial impact of a strategic move.

Listen and Trust: The Power of Collaborative Management

Not sure about your company’s next big strategic move? You may be overlooking an untapped source of strategic power: Your managers!

Make Health Care Decisions While You’re Healthy

Do you know who’ll make medical decisions on your behalf if you’re unable? Do they know your wishes? If not, a health care power of attorney and a living will are two key estate planning documents to execute today.

Keep Family Matters Out of the Public Eye By Avoiding Probate

Probate can be an undesirable process. Fortunately, you can avoid, or at least minimize, probate. Designating beneficiaries where possible is one way, but there are others.

When an Elderly Parent Might Qualify As Your Dependent

Are you supporting an elderly parent? You might qualify for a tax break on your 2016 return. Whether you’re eligible depends on factors such as your parent’s income and how much financial support you provide.

Tangible Property Safe Harbors Help Maximize Deductions

Did your business make building or equipment repairs in 2016? For example, did you perform routine maintenance on a piece of machinery? The expense may save you tax.

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