What is "insert company name" worth? Investors ask themselves this question every day, and determining the value of a company is at the heart of finance.
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Going By the Books: When Book Value of Equity Can Approximate Market Value

What is "insert company name" worth? Investors ask themselves this question every day, and determining the value of a company is at the heart of finance. Interested parties are constantly trying to estimate a company’s value – most notably when making a decision to buy, sell, or hold that company’s stock.

Pushing the Nexus Limits

For state income tax purposes, an out-of-state business is taxable when it has “nexus” and is “doing business” within a state. What does “nexus” and “doing business” mean? The answer depends on multiple factors.

Why Are So Many Businesses Selling?

The first question asked of owners pursuing an ownership transition plan is ‘Why?’  According to Wade Kozich, Senior Director of Transaction Advisory Services, there are four common reasons why owners are electing to transition. Click here to read more.

What is a Business?

The definition of a business may seem like a fundamental issue. But it’s taken the FASB decades to refine it. Here’s its updated guidance to help you report future acquisitions and disposals.

Ready, Set, Audit

It’s audit season for calendar year businesses! Are you ready for audit fieldwork to start? Here are simple ways to facilitate the audit process.

Succession Planning and Estate Planning Must Go Hand in Hand

Business owners, it’s critical to harmonize your succession plan with your estate plan. Doing so involves deciding who should receive ownership interests and who should actually run your company.

Is Your Business Committed to its Cost-Control Regimen?

Be it economic uncertainty or tough competition, many things can impede business success. But it’s often a company’s failure to control its own costs that slows cash flow and hurts profitability. Click here to read some key points to keep in mind.

Should You Set Up Trusts in a More “Trust-Friendly” State?

Establishing trusts in another state may be beneficial if that state has more trust-friendly laws. Here are some of the potential benefits and what to consider before taking action.

2 Postmortem Estate Planning Strategies for Married Couples

Are you aware of strategies that can be implemented after your death to achieve your estate planning goals? Here’s why such strategies are important, especially now, and two strategies to consider.

Deduction for State and Local Sales Tax Benefits Some, but Not All, Taxpayers

Depending on where you live and the purchases you made in 2016, you might save more on your 2016 return by deducting state and local sales tax instead of state and local income tax.

The Investment Interest Expense Deduction: Less Beneficial Than You Might Think

Will the investment interest expense deduction save you tax? Perhaps not, or not much, if you invest in municipal bonds or your investment income is mostly long-term capital gains and qualified dividends.

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