Is managing paid time off dragging down your company’s productivity?
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Cincinnati Adds Up to Growth for GBQ

In the year since GBQ acquired Ernst & Rabe, we have expanded our presence by increasing staffing more than 50 percent, adding service offerings in audit and tax and looking for larger offices. Read more about GBQ’s growth in Cincinnati in this recent Cincy Magazine article.

GBQ Names Lisa Daugherty Director

GBQ is pleased to announce that Lisa Daugherty has been promoted to Director, State and Local Tax Services. Click here to find out more about Lisa's promotion.

Megan Weidrick Promoted to Senior Financial Analyst

GBQ is pleased to announce that Megan Weidrick has been promoted to Senior Financial Analyst. Please click here to read more about Megan's promotion.

FASB Approves One-Step Impairment Test for Goodwill

Got goodwill on your balance sheet? Impairment testing for goodwill is complicated, often requiring the use of outside experts. Luckily, the FASB recently approved a simpler testing method.

Is Annual Financial Reporting Enough?

Many stakeholders don’t want to wait until year-end to gauge financial health. Here are the pros and cons of issuing interim reports, along with tips for unearthing concerns midyear.

Envision Your Advisory Board Before You Form It

Need a fresh perspective on strategic planning? Insights from managers and employees are important. But sometimes business owners need external ideas from an advisory board. Let’s talk about yours.

PTO Banks: A Smart HR Solution for Many Companies

Is managing paid time off dragging down your company’s productivity? Many employers are creating PTO banks to streamline PTO management, and they’re reaping other benefits as well.

2016 Charitable Deductions: Substantiate Them or Lose Them

Did you make charitable donations last year as part of your estate plan? If so, to deduct the gifts on your 2016 income tax return, it’s critical that you follow IRS substantiation requirements. Here are the rules.

5 Questions Single Parents Should Ask About Their Estate Plans

Are you a single parent of minor children? Your estate plan requires special attention to ensure your kids will be cared for and financially supported as you wish should the unthinkable occur.

The “Manufacturers’ Deduction” Isn’t Just for Manufacturers

The Sec. 199 deduction can save you tax dollars if your business is engaged in domestic production activities, which include activities beyond traditional manufacturing.

What You Need to Know About the Tax Treatment of ISOs

Got incentive stock options? Then you need to understand their tax treatment. There might be reporting requirements on your 2016 return, and proper planning may save you tax dollars in the future.

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