Purchasing standards for organizations receiving federal funding have changed under Uniform Guidance, 2 CFR 200, and the window to implement changes is quickly closing.
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Changes to Federal Grant Purchasing Requirements –
Are you Ready?

Purchasing standards for organizations receiving federal funding have changed, and the window to implement changes is quickly closing. Recipients were provided a two-year grace period following the effective date of the Uniform Guidance, which expires two full fiscal years following December 26, 2014. Click here for details on the five purchase method categories, in addition to adoption challenges.

Building a Resilient Organization—A Toolkit for Nonprofit Boards to Manage Transformational Change

Many, if not most, nonprofit organizations will encounter board or leadership turbulence at some point in their lifecycles. There are a number of different methods and tools to address management hiccups and leadership transitions, as well as concrete steps boards and executives can take to minimize risk in the event of a transformational event.

Best Practices for an Effective Investment Committee

Most nonprofits rely on an investment committee to oversee their investment portfolios. This oversight group can have a big impact on real long-term wealth preservation and ensuring resources are available to realize organizational goals and aspirations. Click here to read the best practices.

Public Charities and Private Foundations—What’s the Difference?

When starting a 501(c)(3) organization, the IRS will generally classify it one of two ways—either as a public charity or a private foundation. Public charities are known to perform charitable work, while private foundations are typically grant-making organizations. The main difference between public charities and private foundations is the source of their financial support

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