If you received a 2016 federal income tax refund, you essentially made an interest-free loan to the government.
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You're Invited: GBQuarterly & SALTrends

Join us on May 23rd for our SALTrends webinar on indirect tax audits and exposure mitigation. Click here for details and registration. We also invite you to join us for our second quarter GBQuarterly event on June 7th focusing on protecting your company’s most valuable assets from fraud.

Conflict Minerals: SEC Reconsiders The Disclosure Requirements

The SEC is reviewing its controversial disclosure rule that requires businesses to trace the sources of certain minerals used in their products. Will the SEC pare back its required disclosures? Here’s the latest.

Use Pro Formas To Plot Your Route To Success

How do you plan to achieve your strategic goals? Pro forma financial statements are like a map or GPS app that guides your business plan. Here’s how to crunch the numbers.

3 Hot Spots To Look For Your Successor

The future of your company doesn’t depend only on you; it also depends on your successor. But who should this be? Making the right choice means considering many people and qualifications.

Enhance Benefits’ Perceived Value With Strong Communication

If you gave your employees a pop quiz on their benefits, how many would pass? Many workers don’t fully understand or appreciate what their employers offer. Here are some ways to get them up to speed.

Worried About Challenges To Your Estate Plan? Make It No Contest

Adding a no-contest clause to your will or living trust might deter challenges to your estate plan after your death. But enforceability differs from state to state.

Asset Valuations And Your Estate Plan Go Hand In Hand

Don’t run afoul of the IRS when it comes to reporting noncash gifts. A valuation by a qualified appraiser is a must to minimize the risk of IRS-imposed penalties.

Turning Next Year’s Tax Refund Into Cash In Your Pocket Now

If you received a 2016 federal income tax refund, you essentially made an interest-free loan to the government. Here’s how you can avoid doing that this year and, instead, begin collecting your 2017 refund now.

Do You Know The Tax Implications Of Your C Corp’s Buy-Sell Agreement?

A buy-sell agreement is critical to most closely held businesses with multiple owners. But a C corporation’s buy-sell agreement could produce adverse tax consequences if not structured properly.

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