Just a few weeks ago, 237,000 systems in 150 countries were infected by the WannaCry attack in a period of a few days.
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Cybersecurity – Is Your Organization Prepared?

Cybersecurity continues to be a hot button topic for all businesses. Just a few weeks ago, 237,000 systems in 150 countries were infected by the WannaCry attack in a period of a few days. Whether protecting from ransomware, data breaches, unauthorized intrusion and control of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, or other cybersecurity attacks, organizations in all lines of business have been affected.

GBQ + ViaVero: Reviewing Our First Year As Joint Venture Partners

In February 2016, GBQ formed a joint venture with ViaVero, a project consulting firm that provides skilled accounting and finance project resources, to create a unique staffing model in the accounting and finance space. The joint venture expands GBQ’s service offerings into the talent consulting space and gives ViaVero a broader reach into the middle market here in central Ohio. Click here for a recap of our first year as join venture partners.

Put Your Income Statement To Good Use

Don’t file away your financial statements in a desk drawer. Analyze them closely for clues on what’s happening and how to improve performance. Here’s how to start your investigation.

Employee Share-based Payments: FASB Revises The Reporting Requirements

Want your compensation package to stand out? Companies can attract talent by offering employee stock options and restricted stock. Here’s how simpler accounting rules make them extra appealing.

Could Stronger Governance Benefit Your Business?

No business is safe — from itself. This is why strong governance is so important. Let’s discuss the “whys” and “hows” of formalizing your company’s rules, practices and processes.

4 Digital Marketing Tips For Every Business

Do your company’s digital marketing efforts elicit likes or LOLs? Let’s talk about some best practices for getting a consistent, effective message out on the Internet.

Are Your Retirement Savings Secure From Creditors?

Provide yourself peace of mind by taking steps now to protect retirement savings from creditors. Qualified employer plans and traditional and Roth IRAs can be at risk to potential creditors’ claims.

A Family Bank Professionalizes Intrafamily Lending

Are you ready to “go pro” with your intrafamily lending activities? A family bank can preserve the tax-saving power of intrafamily loans while minimizing negative consequences.

Donating A Vehicle Might Not Provide The Tax Deduction You Expect

Before donating a vehicle, find out the charity’s intent. How the charity will use the vehicle can have a significant impact on your charitable deduction.

Business Owners: When It Comes To IRS Audits, Be Prepared

As a business owner, you likely are concerned about being audited by the IRS. Here’s what you need to know to be prepared for an audit and respond effectively.

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