On June 7, 2017, Aetna Integrated Services, Inc. (“Aetna”) completed a transaction whereby ATALIAN Global Services, Inc. (“ATALIAN Group”) acquired 100% of Aetna’s assets and business.
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Wade Kozich
Senior Director  
Transaction Advisory Services


Kaz Unalan
Director, Tax & Business Advisory Services 

On June 7, 2017, Aetna Integrated Services, Inc. (“Aetna”) completed a transaction whereby ATALIAN Global Services, Inc. (“ATALIAN Group”) acquired 100% of Aetna’s assets and business.

The acquisition served as a geographic expansion for ATALIAN, which marked the first of the second phase of targeted acquisitions in the US. The ATALIAN Group is committed to making acquisitions, following its merger with Temco Service Industries, Inc. in January 2016.

GBQ’s Transaction Advisory Services practice group served as sell-side advisor to Aetna providing advisory, tax structuring and diligence support. 

Paul Greenland, President of Aetna, commented “Wade Kozich, Kaz Unalan and Mike Smith (Carlile Patchen and Murphy LLP) and their teams were crucial, not only to making this deal happen, but also giving us a comfort level in the months leading up to close, and more importantly, a comfort level that we are in the best possible financial position now that the deal is done.” 

“The challenge when selling a business is you only have one chance to get it right. The benefit of partnering with people with thousands of hours of transaction experience was priceless. Without the assistance of Wade, Kaz, Mike and their teams, there is no way we would have been able to deal with the mountain of due diligence demands. Although there were plenty of late nights and long weekends, Wade and Mike were able to provide an army of support within their teams.”

About ATALIAN Global Services, Inc.

ATALIAN Global Services, Inc. is the US division of ATALIAN Group, a leading international provider of facility services to companies in 30 countries on four continents. Based in Paris, ATALIAN Group is a family-owned company that has more than 95,000 employees with over 25,000 customers and a global annual revenue of $2 billion. Its wide range of services allows customers to outsource most management support functions, such as facilities management, cleaning, technical maintenance and energy management, security, reception and landscaping. For more information visit: www.atalian.com.

About Aetna Integrated Services, Inc.

Aetna, an 80-year, Columbus, Ohio based company has been providing janitorial and related services in Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee to a number of key clients and gaining an excellent reputation with each and every one of them. For more information visit: www.aetnais.com.


GBQ’s Transaction Advisory Services (TAS) team has the broad expertise and years of experience to ensure success in all aspects of transactions: liquidity options, tax structuring, valuation, due diligence, profitable growth and much more. We leverage the strength of the entire GBQ team as well as the transaction professionals at BDO via our independent alliance with BDO Alliance USA. This combination allows us to offer consultative depth unmatched in central Ohio. For more information visit: www.gbq.com.

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