“Yep, just as I expected, still beating.” With all the fake news on the internet these days, it’s hard to tell if we are heading toward feast or famine.
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Checking The Pulse On Private Company Leaders

“Yep, just as I expected, still beating.” With all the fake news on the internet these days, it’s hard to tell if we are heading toward feast or famine.

Are You 64 Years Old And Working?

Are you 64 years old and working? Do you plan to keep working? If so, do you work for a company of 20 or more employees that offers a health insurance plan creditable to Medicare? Then you have a decision to make: apply for Medicare Part A or not?

Leading Your Team in a V.U.C.A. World

Volatile. Uncertain. Complex. Ambiguous. You’re invited to join The Joseph Group, CFBank and GBQ on August 22nd as we welcome Perry Maughmer, Vistage Business Coach and Principal of Maughmer & Co. Click here for details and registration.

Private Companies: Consider These Financial Reporting Shortcuts

Are Generally Accepted Accounting Principles too complex for smaller, private companies? Here are some simple alternatives that can reduce financial reporting headaches.

Look Beyond EBITDA

Everyone loves EBITDA! It’s easy to calculate and understand. But you should know this metric’s critical shortcomings before making decisions based on it. Here’s more on the dark side of EBITDA.

Does Your Business Have Too Much Cash?

A company’s profitable future can drown in a sea of dollars. That’s right, maintaining too much cash may compromise your competitive edge. We have some suggestions.

Listening To Your Customers By Tracking Lost Sales

A profitable new sales opportunity may be right around the corner. But how do you know when to make the turn? By tracking lost sales. We have some great ideas for doing so.

Don’t Overlook Tax Apportionment When Planning Your Estate

Including a tax apportionment clause in your will or living trust is critical if your estate will owe estate taxes after your death. Find out why.

The Stretch IRA: A Simple Yet Powerful Estate Planning Tool

Do you know how to turn an IRA from a retirement tool into an estate planning tool? The answer is to “stretch” it. Doing so is surprisingly simple.

3 Midyear Tax Planning Strategies For Businesses

Which tax reform proposals will make it into legislation and when such legislation will be voted on is uncertain. In the meantime, consider these three business tax tips from the last big tax law.

3 Midyear Tax Planning Strategies For Individuals

Many consider tax planning to be a year-end activity. But you can boost the power of your individual tax planning by implementing these three strategies now.

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