Understanding how to respond to a data breach is almost as important as understanding how to minimize the likelihood and impact of a data breach occurring in the first place.
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Could Your Firm Be The Next Equifax?

Understanding how to respond to a data breach is almost as important as understanding how to minimize the likelihood and impact of a data breach occurring in the first place.

If you’re wondering whether or not your organization is at risk, here are questions you need to ask. If you’re an individual who was impacted by the Equifax data breach, click here to read the precautions to protect your identity when conducting business online.

Borowski Graduates From Leadership Columbus

We are proud to announce that Joe Borowski is a 2017 graduate of the Signature Program of Leadership Columbus. The mission of Leadership Columbus is to develop, connect and inspire diverse leaders who serve as catalysts in building a strong and vibrant community. Click here for more information.

Falling Auto Prices Could Lead To Losses

Analysts have warned that depressing values of automobiles could lead to losses for financial institutions. The decreasing value for automobiles is related to the amount of production from automakers and an increasing amount of vehicles coming off leases in 2018.

A Common Sense Approach To Information Security

Why do data breaches keep happening? The answer is surprisingly simple. Join Jerod Brenner, GBQ's Security Architect, share what he’s learned over the years with local and regional information security professional organizations, as well as with attendees at larger information security conferences. Click here for details and registration.

GAAP vs. Tax-Basis Reporting: Choosing The Right Model For Your Business

Tired of keeping two sets of books for tax and accounting purposes? Some businesses use tax-basis financial reporting to save resources. But it’s not for everyone. Learn the key differences.

Reasons To Outsource Payroll And Obtain A Service Audit Report

It’s a good time to do two favors for your employees: 1) minimize payroll errors by using an outside payroll company, and 2) protect personal data with a service audit report. Here’s the scoop.

5 Ways To Dance Through Digital Disruption

Unprepared businesses can have two left feet when a digital disruption hits their industry. Be ready to hop to it with the right digital transformation strategy.

Find The Right Path Forward With KPIs

The way forward for any company is often clouded with uncertainties and slow-developing problems. Key performance indicators can allow you to navigate out of the weeds and into the green.

Tax Basis Planning Worth A Look If Estate Taxes Aren’t A Threat

The “carryover” basis from gifting an asset during life can result in unnecessary capital gains tax liability. But the “step-up” basis from transferring an asset at death can save tax.

Estate Tax Relief For Family Businesses Is Available … In The Form Of A Deferral

Family business owners wondering if their estates have enough liquidity to pay estate taxes have a legitimate concern. An estate tax deferral is an option, but there are qualifications.

Watch Out For Potential Tax Pitfalls Of Donating Real Estate To Charity

Charitable donations of real estate can provide tax benefits well beyond those of making cash contributions. But such donations must be planned carefully to avoid undesirable tax consequences.

The ABCs Of The Tax Deduction For Educator Expenses

Summer has flown by and now it’s time for students and their teachers to head back to class. Teachers who buy supplies for their classrooms may be eligible for a tax break. Learn more.

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