Are you concerned with GDPR? Should you be? Never heard of GDPR?
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Tax Reform: Has The Value Of My Business Changed?

There are several valuation methodologies that utilize a company’s cash flows in the determination of value: the discounted/capitalized cash flow methods, the guideline public company method and the guideline transaction method. Each of these methodologies presents unique elements that should be considered by the valuator in their analysis when evaluating the impact of the Act on company value. Click here to read more. 

GBQ IT Services Can Spell GDPR – Can You?

Are you concerned about GDPR? Should you be? GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation, is an EU data protection regulation with extra-territorial applicability. Click here to see if your organization is affected.

Manufacturing: Three Areas to Watch in 2018

Ever-changing tax laws, human resources and technology require companies to always be aware of the market trends in order to stay competitive. Here are three top trends corporations should watch in 2018.

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do And Tax Reform May Make It Harder

The new tax legislation will impact not only couples to be divorced in the future but it will also impact couples that are already divorced and still paying alimony.

CPE Opportunities

From tax law to family law, we have numerous upcoming seminars and webinars that qualify for CPE. Click here to view our upcoming events.

2 Tax Credits Just For Small Businesses May Reduce Your 2017 And 2018 Tax Bills

Providing employee benefits can help businesses attract and retain the best workers. But the cost can be out of reach for some small businesses. Two tax credits can help make benefits more affordable.

Can You Deduct Home Office Expenses?

You might be able to deduct home office expenses for 2017 but not 2018. The difference may depend on whether you’re an employee or self-employed.

Auditing Work In Progress

Is your accounting for work in progress (WIP) accurate? To find out, your auditors carefully analyze your methods of allocating costs and recognizing revenue.

Unlock Hidden Cash From Your Balance Sheet

Business owners tend to focus on profits. But when you need to unlock money to invest in fixed assets or pay the rent, the balance sheet might have easy answers.

Business Interruption Insurance Can Help Some Companies

Precious few businesses could last long if their operations were shut down by a fire, flood or some other unforeseen disaster. Measure your level of risk carefully and consider business interruption insurance.

Light A Beacon To Your Business With A Mission Statement

You may have a clear vision and understanding of your company’s purpose. But does the rest of the world? A well-crafted mission statement can enlighten everyone.

Life Insurance Can Be A Powerful Estate Planning Tool For Nontaxable Estates

If estate tax liability isn’t a concern, life insurance still has a place in your estate plan. One reason is that it can replace lost income and wealth.

If You Made Gifts Last Year, You May (Or May Not) Need To File A Gift Tax Return

Determining whether a gift tax return must be filed can be confusing. The answer depends on the circumstances surrounding the gift.

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