The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act delivered significant changes to organizations nationwide, including nonprofits.
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New Unrelated Business Income Rules May Raise Costs for Nonprofits

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act delivered significant changes to organizations nationwide, including nonprofits. Among those were changes to how unrelated business income is calculated and taxed. What is unrelated business income (UBI)?

What Are The Three Most Common Bookkeeping Errors?

While bookkeeping is rarely high on a business owner’s list, it is one of the most essential tasks necessary for a business’ success. To help our clients, prospects and others spot and correct these issues, GBQ has outlined the more common bookkeeping errors.

Lessons Learned In Security Contract Review

Many companies today are obligating their downstream vendors and suppliers contractually for security controls, compliance and/or service level agreements related to security and privacy activities. When we conduct an information risk assessment or security assessment, GBQ IT Services can conduct a detailed contract review. Here are some lessons learned from those contracts we have reviewed so far in 2018.

For-Profit Vs. Not-For-Profit: Compare And Contrast Financial Reporting Goals

How do the financial reporting rules differ for nonprofit and for-profit entities? And, more important, how are the requirements alike?

Follow IRS Rules To Ensure You Receive Your Charitable Tax Deductions

Did you make donations last year as part of your estate plan? If you fail to properly adhere to IRS rules when claiming them on your 2017 return, the IRS could deny your charitable deductions.

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