Certain employers that pay family and medical leave to their employees may be eligible to claim a Family and Medical Leave Credit.
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Tax Cuts And Jobs Act Creates Employer Credit For Paid Family And Medical Leave

Certain employers that pay family and medical leave to their employees may be eligible to claim a Family and Medical Leave Credit equal to 12.5 percent (or more) of the amount of wages paid to those employees during any period in which such employees are on family and medical leave.

What Are The Three Most Common Bookkeeping Errors?

While bookkeeping is rarely high on a business owner’s list, it is one of the most essential tasks necessary for a business’ success. To help our clients, prospects and others spot and correct these issues, GBQ has outlined the more common bookkeeping errors.

How The Tax Code May Affect Charitable Giving With Darci Congrove

Managing Director, Darci Congrove, sat down to discuss the recent changes in the tax code on the United Way of Central Ohio’s Three Six Zero podcast. In the episode, Darci explains what it means to itemize deductions on your tax return and how it may effect charitable giving. Click here to listen.

McNeil Joins IT And Cyber Team

GBQ is pleased to announce that Kenneth McNeil has joined the firm as a Security Analyst in our Information Technology services group. He is based out of GBQ’s Columbus office. Click here to read more about Ken.

CPE Opportunities 

From cyber security to sales and use tax, we have numerous upcoming seminars and webinars that qualify for CPE. Click here to view our upcoming events.

Casualty Losses Can Provide A 2017 Deduction, But Rules Tighten For 2018

A disaster, fire or theft last year may mean a 2017 income tax deduction, and claiming it may be easier for certain natural disaster victims. But availability of this break narrows for 2018. Here’s what you need to know.

Size Of Charitable Deductions Depends On Many Factors

December’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act preserves the charitable deduction. But you still might find that you don’t enjoy the same tax benefits from charitable giving in 2018 as you do on your 2017 return.

How Materiality Is Established In An Audit Or A Review

Setting the “materiality” threshold is key when auditing or reviewing financial statements. But no universal materiality level works for all companies, accounts or transactions.

Feeling Lucky? How To Find A Pot Of Gold In Your Financials

The cash gap can be a useful management tool for finding hidden treasure in your company’s balance sheet. Learn ways to put this potential pot of gold to work for you.

Building A Sales Prospect Pipeline For Your Business

Every business wants to fuel its success with a high-octane sales process. To make that happen, you need an effective pipeline to get the right prospects to your sales team.

7 Ways To Prepare Your Business For Sale

Putting a “for sale” sign out in front of your company is a major undertaking. So, if your succession plan involves selling the business, be sure you’re ready for the many details involved.

Power Of Attorney Abuse: What You Can Do About It

Should you become incapacitated, a financial power of attorney authorizes your representative to manage your financial affairs. But without proper safeguards in place, it’s at risk for abuse.

Keeping A Trust A Secret Could Violate State Law

Alongside your will, trusts may be pillars of your overall estate plan. Depending on the circumstances, you might wish to keep trusts a secret. But you need to be mindful of your state’s disclosure requirements.

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