Does the April 17 filing deadline apply to your company?
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Empowering Growth

At GBQ, our purpose is clear: we empower growth; growth of our people, our communities and our clients’ businesses. A top tax, accounting and consulting firm for more than 65 years, we’re driven by the outcomes that we know can change the lives of those we work with and for. We’ve learned that this is what matters most to our stakeholders. It is this purpose that drives and inspires us every day. It’s why we exist. Click here to learn more from our new video. 

Determine The Transaction Price

The new revenue standard (ASC 606, Revenue from Contracts with Customers) developed a five-step model for recognizing revenue. Once the first two steps have been identified, the third step of the model requires reporting entities to determine the transaction price

Chris Mast Earns CCIFP Designation

GBQ is pleased to announce that Chris Mast has joined the community of Certified Construction Industry Financial Professionals (CCIFP). Mast joins an exclusive group of roughly 1,000 professionals who have received this designation. Learn more here.

SALTrends Webinar – Remote Seller Sales/Use Tax Nexus and Taxation of Technology

Join us on April 10, 2018, as the GBQ SALT team presents an update on recent sales/use tax nexus developments as well as the latest on the taxation of technology related services and software. Click here for more details and registration. 

Assessing Your Nonprofit's Performance

Many are surprised to learn that evaluating financial and operational performance doesn’t require a complex study but can be accomplished through some simple financial ratios. These are quick tests which can be performed using information in the financial statement. Click here for a summary of key ratios for nonprofits.

2018 Q2 Tax Calendar: Key Deadlines For Businesses And Other Employers

Does the April 17 filing deadline apply to your company? What additional tax deadlines are there for businesses and other employers during the second quarter of 2018? Find out!

Home-Related Tax Breaks Are Valuable On 2017 Returns, Will Be Less So For 2018

Are you a homeowner? Then home-related tax breaks may provide significant savings on your 2017 return. But the tax-saving outlook isn’t as rosy for 2018.

Learn The Warning Signs Of Earnings “Spin”

Financial statements are supposed to tell how a business is performing. But are they really accurate and objective? Or are earnings being managed to make the company look healthier than it is?

Corporate Culture: Rotten Apples Could Spoil Your Financials

Honest, open corporate cultures promote reliable, transparent financial reporting. How does your company’s culture measure up? You can help auditors answer this critical question.

Home Vs. Away: The Company Retreat Conundrum

When planning a company retreat, you may wield home field advantage by holding the event at your offices. But taking your team on the road could score you some stronger strategic ideas.

Could Your Next Business Loan Get “Ratio’d”?

Banks like to crunch numbers, lots of them. Before applying for a loan, business owners should consider which metrics a bank will rely on for approval and then ensure the company’s financials fit the bill.

Apply For A Waiver If You’ve Missed The 60-day IRA Rollover Deadline

With proper planning, IRAs and other retirement plans can help you achieve your estate planning goals. But if you’re not careful, you could miss an important deadline and inadvertently incur tax liability sooner than necessary.

Don’t Overlook Securities Laws When Planning Your Estate

Do your trusts or family investment vehicles hold interests in private equity funds or other “alternative” investments? If so, structure these entities so that they qualify as accredited investors and qualified purchasers.

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